Soil Disposal Hazard Categorisation Testing

Our in-house experts perform soil categorisation testing in accordance with the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) guidelines and regulations. We use NATA accredited laboratories and environmental professionals to analyse and identify potential contaminants in your soil. Once it has been determined that soil disposal services are required, we guide you to properly Categorise your soil prior to disposal. The waste/soil must be assessed for all chemical substances known and/or reasonably expected to be present in the waste/soil. We recommend a set of samples to be taken and sent for analysis according to EPA guidelines. It is recommended that a total concentration screen be completed first to confirm the presence of certain contaminants. Once this is known, leachability testing may be required. These results can then be used to determine the hazard category based on the upper limits for each category of waste (Category B, C or D). The guidelines provide greater detail on how to determine the category of the waste and what management options are available for each category. We use a cost-effective approach to help you understand how your industrial waste and contaminated soil must be classified and manage to meet waste duties under the Environment Protection Act 2017. We provide a thorough report with the waste type and hazard categorization for solid industrial waste and soils in accordance with EPAs Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines (IWRGs).

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