Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI)

Preliminary site investigations (PSIs) help you to understand whether there is evidence of potential contamination or contamination is localised, where any activity/work involves any kind of environmental disturbance. The PSI provides relevant information referring the potential for a site to be contaminated and whether a further assessment is required.

The investigation includes a site visit, a review of site history and relevant documentation, and preliminary sampling (optional). We use various resources to develop a comprehensive reports which allows you to understand if you are meeting your general environmental duty (GED). The PSI consists of collecting and evaluating data adequate to determine whether or not discharged contaminants exist at a site or have migrated or are migrating from the site at levels in excess of the applicable remediation standards.

We provide a detailed report by an experienced environmental professional who inspects and evaluates the condition of the site to determine the relative risk of site contamination being present. The report shows the conclusions for understanding your legal obligations and possible management of environmental risks.

We use our best judgement and decades of professional experience to ensure sample locations are the best representation of site conditions. Our professional knowledge of soil contamination characteristics and Environmental Legislation can save you time and money.

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