Environmental Site Assessments for Planning Purposes

The Planning and Environment Act 1987 mandates a planning authority to provide sound, strategic and co-ordinated planning of the use and development of land. Also requires a system of planning schemes as a way of setting out objectives, policies and controls for the use, development, and protection of land. An authority is required to prepare a planning scheme or planning scheme amendment when they consider the potential for land contamination and to ensure the suitability of land in relation to land development.

We have performed thousands of contamination assessments to assists our clients, especially when management of potentially harmful contaminants to the environment is required and work closely with our clients and stakeholders to ensure approval and consent is granted.

We highly recommends you consult our professionals to perform an environmental assessment of site to ensure the relevant conditions relating to a project’s approval are met. We have worked with many property developers providing environmental site assessments (including site contamination) and geotechnical advice for new developments and extension of existing buildings. Therefore, we assure you which assessment are a requisite for the planning and development approvals process and assess your site for regulatory compliance, prospective purchases, developments, due diligence and for site rezoning.

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