Environmental Site Assessments for Environmental Audit

We provide a variety of environmental assessments which form an integral part of risk management and regulatory compliance for:

  • sites with sensitive land use (residential, education, or childcare),
  • former or current industrial sites,
  • any site that has a potential for contamination.

Our team has extensive experience in contamination site assessments focused on soil and groundwater investigations and had performed detailed site investigations to comply with regulatory requirements. Therefore, consulting our experts can help you save time and keep your budget low providing environmental management measures of site works and contaminated sites to meet regulatory and statutory standards.

We work closely with our clients and stakeholders (e.g EPA) to provide an adequate and cost-effective report following an auditing approach in line with the Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018. We have assisted clients to understand their duties when remediation techniques are not possible to be implemented and when Clean Up notice has been issued which has given us a better understanding of our client’s needs.

The EPA Victoria is the authority to appoint an environmental auditor in accordance with the Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 (Part 8.3). Their main function is to conduct Preliminary risk screening assessments, and Environmental audits. You can consult our professionals to perform different Environmental Site Assessments before engaging with an accredited auditor. We can also support you throughout an audit process as your advisor in response to your legal and environmental duty and help you to understand whether you need an environmental auditor. Thanks to our extended professional network, we aid you to get in touch with one.

Contact us to discuss how our team of qualified consultants can help you to fast-track your project compliance and legal requirements.

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